Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A lot of Bologna

On the weekend I'll be heading out to the Bologna Children's Book Fair and the 2010 SCBWI Bologna Symposium and Showcase, both in beautiful (you guessed it). So I decided it was a good opportunity to revive my nearly deceased blog.
I attended the Fair and Symposium in 2008, also, so in some ways I'm an old hand. In other ways, however, I'm still an unpublished and very struggling writer, so it's all pretty scary and exciting.

For someone in my position, the main attraction in Bologna is the SCBWI Symposium, not the Fair. The Book Fair is mainly for agents, publishers and people who've already published (otherwise know as authors). "Unpubs" like me can't normally even get into the booths of the major publishers (by appointment only). The Symposium, on the other hand, offers interesting presentations, workshops and panel discussions with real live publishers, agents and authors. Unpubs can have the first ten pages of their most brilliant work of art critiqued by a professional. And some, like me, even get to do a "pitch session," a five minute practice run at selling your book. (Just thinking about it makes my toes cramp.)

So Bologna is really not a lot of baloney (sorry, I couldn't resist).
More info on the Symposium here.

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